Dec 5th, 2022

API release & deprecation cycle update

To support more stable and maintainable API development,
Moloco team decided to update the API version release & deprecation cycle.

Release: Every 2months, first Monday of the month
Deprecation: 6Months from the next release(minimum 8 months support)

Release: Every 3months, at the beginning of the quarter, 5AM in UTC (e.g. 2023-01-01, 2023-04-01, ..)
Deprecation: 9 Months from the next release(minimum 12 months support)


This will be effective by 1.3 release which will be placed in 2023-01-01.
Accordingly deprecation date for the existing versions will be prolonged.
v1.1 Deprecation: 2023-01-02 => 2023-07-01
v1.2 Deprecation: 2023-03-06 => 2023-10-01

If you want to know more about versioning, please refer to Versioning Guide.