Release notes

All breaking changes from the immediately preceding API version to the next are outlined in the release notes. See the release note for the version you would like to migrate to or start using to check for compatibility with your own application as well as changes to handle before migrating APIs.



We aim to release a new version every 6 months. In the event that there are no breaking changes made during the 6 month period, release may be delayed another 6 months. The least recent version we support is deprecated every 6 months as well such that every version is supported for at least 12 months.

Available Versions

v1.8 Release notes(tentative)2024-10-012025-10-01
v1.7 Release notes2024-04-012025-04-01
v1.6 Release notes2023-10-012024-10-01
v1.5 Release notes2023-07-012024-10-01
v1.4 Release notes2023-04-012024-04-01
v1.3 Release notes2023-01-012024-04-01
v1.2 Release notes2022-07-042023-10-01