August 4th, 2023

Transport Layer Security (TLS) ver. 1.2 or later is required starting August 4, 2023


Jan 5th, 2023

For the CreateCampaign API, we always create an AdGroup along with the Campaign. However, we didn't include the created AdGroup in the response. From this change, you can now check the created AdGroup in the response with the field named ad_groups.


Dec 15th, 2022

The Analytics API has been launched


Dec 8th, 2022

New parameter fetch_option is introduced in ListCampaigns API.


Dec 5th, 2022

API release & deprecation cycle update


Dec 1st, 2022

New field added on UpdateCustomerSet response.


Oct 21st, 2022

New error code added on ValidateTrackingLink API response


Aug 3rd, 2022

We now support error identifiers in our APIs! :tada:
This change would help you understand the root cause of the error more in detail and also enable you to handle errors more properly.


July 29th, 2022

We now support Auth related APIs! :tada:
You can get the background knowledge for our auth system in the Auth guide document.


July 19th, 2022

There was a modification in CreateAssetUploadSession API.