Dec 8th, 2022

New parameter fetch_option is introduced in ListCampaigns API.

We now provide a way to query both alive & deleted Campaigns on ListCampaigns API.

By default, when you don't set the parameter, it will return all alive campaigns as usual.
You can set fetch_option to:

  • FETCH_ONLY_DELETED: Query only deleted Campaigns (same as show_deleted = true)
  • FETCH_ALL: Query all Campaigns including both alive and deleted

Setting both fetch_option and show_deleted is not supported and show_deleted will be deprecated as of v1.3.

Also, new field is_deleted is added to the Campaign response. This is read only field and it represents whether the Campaigns is deleted or not.

// ListCampaigns Request

// ListCampaigns Response
    "campaigns": [
            "id": "oMQMslNf0rVEh6ab",
            "ad_account_id": "wXCrh6vi3Zyp1yTL",
            "ad_tracking_allowance": "NON_LAT_ONLY",
            "is_deleted": true,
            "created_at": "2022-03-30T04:58:18.680050Z",
            "updated_at": "2022-03-30T04:58:46.001140Z"

New field auto_delete_at is introduced in CustomerSet and AudienceTarget.

Moloco deletes the CustomerSet & AudienceTarget which are not used from any other entities over 180 days. When this field is set, it implies that the CustomerSet or AudienceTarget will be deleted by the policy on the specified time. After deletion, those entities can be retrieved from ListAudienceTargets API and ListCustomerSets API with show_deleted=true.