Oct 21st, 2022

New error code added on ValidateTrackingLink API response

We are now converts TrackingLink if it contains the Moloco Legacy Macro on Creation or Update. With this change, we show the converted format of TrackingLink in advance via ValidateTrackingLink.

  • new error_code CONTAINS_LEGACY_MACRO had been added. The field params will contains converted_link as key and converted link as the value.
// ValidateTrackingLink Request Body
    "device_os": "ANDROID",
    "tracking_company": "APPSFLYER",
    "click_through_link": {
        "url": "{a_idfa}&af_sub4=%{source}&pid=moloco_int"
// ValidateTrackingLink Response Body
    "status": "PASSED",
    "validation_warnings_click_through_link": [
            "error_code": "CONTAINS_LEGACY_MACRO",
            "params": {
                "converted_link": "{{device.gaid}}&af_sub4={{mtid}}&pid=moloco_int"
            "error_msg": "the link contains legacy macro: it will be converted automatically to the latest format"