v1.2 Release notes


ValidateTrackingLink API response format changed

To provide more details, we subdivided validation_errors field into multiple dedicated fields.

  • validation_errors is now deprecated.
  • validation_errors_click_through_link had been added.
  • validation_errors_view_through_link had been added.
  • validation_warnings_click_through_link had been added.
  • validation_warnings_view_through_link had been added.

Invalid tracking links can cause serious problems, so Moloco users can't continue creating tracking links until all errors are resolved.
You might see a warning if your tracking links are valid, but the query parameter values don't meet Moloco standards. Users might have reporting issues when viewing campaign performance metrics.

The standard rule for each partner can be found here.

// ValidateTrackingLink Request Body
    "device_os": "ANDROID",
    "tracking_company": "APPSFLYER",
    "click_through_link": {
        "url": "https://app.appsflye.com/test.com?advertising_id=%{a_idfa}&af_sub4=%{source}&clickid=%{campaign}&pid=moloco_int"
// ValidateTrackingLink Response Body
    "status": "FAILED",
    "validation_errors_click_through_link": [
            "error_code": "INVALID_HOST",
            "params": {
                "input_host": "app.appsflye.com"
            "error_msg": "Double-check what you've picked for your tracking company. The host \"app.appsflye.com\" doesn't match the selected tracking company—but they need to match."
    "validation_warnings_click_through_link": [
            "error_code": "INVALID_QUERY_PARAM",
            "params": {
                "equal_options": "[\"%{bid_id}\"]"
            "context": "clickid",
            "error_msg": "The value of this parameter isn't valid. It should equal one of these values: \"[\"%{bid_id}\"]\"."

Removed legacy fields

These fields were deprecated a long time ago, and now fully removed.

  • AdGroup's rank field
  • AudienceTarget's allowed_customer_set_ids
  • AudienceTarget's blocked_customer_set_ids
  • AudienceTarget's allowed_customer_activity_ids
  • AudienceTarget's blocked_customer_activity_ids