Aug 3rd, 2022

We now support error identifiers in our APIs! 🎉
This change would help you understand the root cause of the error more in detail and also enable you to handle errors more properly.

    "code": 3,
    "message": "\"ad_account_id\" is required but missing [id:iBe7CAAUainlyPM]",
    "details": [
            "@type": "",
            "error_log_id": "iBe7CAAUainlyPM",
            "reason": "REQUIRED",
            "context": {
                "field": "ad_account_id"

You can now get more detailed information of the error by following fields.

  • message contains the human readable error message. This can be changed at any time.
  • reason contains the error code. It categorizes the cause of the error.
  • context is a map type, which provides useful information about the origin and important values. For example, we provide the name of the problematic field by the key field. For each error, there could be different information in the context field.

You can find each API's possible error reasons in each API's response page.


You can learn about our new error system more in detail here.