v1.5 Release notes

Release DateDate no longer supported

Videos and native videos will be automatically transcoded

In an effort to optimize video quality and performance, video and native video creatives will be automatically transcoded upon creation. The following updates have been implemented in response.

New property transcoding_info has been added to the video object

The transcoding process takes place asynchronously and may take some time to be completed. Therefore, we have added a new property transcoding_info to the video object to keep you posted on the transcoding progress.

After a creative has been created, the value of transcoding_info is set to IN_PROGRESS by default. After transcoding has been completed, the value is updated to SUCCEEDED when the creative has been successfully transcoded or FAILED when transcoding was unsuccessful. In the event that transcoding was unsuccessful, the value of failed_reason should inform you of the reason for failure. Creatives with a FAILED status can't be used in campaigns even when they have already been assigned to campaigns.

    "creative": {
        "id": "GHWlAxzx0lhjjFZm",
        "native": {
            "video": {
                "video_url": "https://cdn-f.adsmoloco.com/ad_account_id/creative/video.mp4",
                "transcoding_info": {
                    "status": "SUCCEEDED"
        "feature_type": "GENERAL",
        "created_at": "2023-04-27T05:44:53.620242Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-04-27T05:45:16.155060Z"

Video and native video creative size will be evaluated post-transcoding

After a video or native video creative has been created and successfully transcoded, the size of the transcoded video is evaluated against our system to ensure it doesn't exceed our limit. For video and native video creatives exceeding the size limit, the following error is displayed.


This has been added to the CreateCreative API.

The show_deleted argument has been deprecated

The feature to list deleted entities is no longer supported in the following APIs.