v1.7 Release notes

Release DateDate no longer supported

What's new in v1.7

Breaking changes have been made to the Create a new asset upload session API

The following set of changes have been made to the AssetUploadSession API.

New limit to file size

To optimize the asset upload process, we are imposing the following limits to the types of assets you can specify as the value for the asset_kind property.

Asset typeMaximum file size

Removal of the file_name property

The file_name property has been removed for simplicity.

Session URL for asset upload is included in the API response

The value of the content_upload_url property included in the response returned from calling the AssetUploadSession API, which used to be the signed URL for GCS, has been changed to the session URL. This means that you will no longer need to share the signed URL with GCS to get the session URL, as the session URL is included in the API response. To learn how to upload creative assets, see the campaign creation guide.

The app_event_types object has been added to the app object

In order to optimize the training of our machine learning models with better structured data, we have added the app_event_types object to the app object. The app_event_types object pairs the events you have specified to send postback data for on your MMP dashboard with a set of predefined event types. Acceptable event types are the following.

  • IN_APP_ADVERTISING: In-app advertising (IAA)
  • IN_APP_PURCHASE: In-app purchase (IAP)
  • SIGN_UP: Sign-up / registration
  • SUBSCRIPTION: Subscription
  • PREDICTED_LIFETIME_VALUE: Predicted lifetime value (pLTV)
  • ACHIEVE_LEVEL: Achieve target level in game
  • START_TRIAL: Start trial
  • ADD_PAYMENT_INFO: Add payment info
  • VIEW_PRODUCT_OR_CONTENT: View product/content
  • ADD_TO_WISHLIST: Add to wishlist
  • SEARCH: Search
  • ADD_TO_CART: Add to cart
  • BEGIN_CHECKOUT: Begin checkout
  • FIRST_DEPOSIT: First deposit
  • FIRST_TRADE: First transaction
  • OTHER: Other
  app: {  
    app_event_types: {  
      "af_purchase": "IN_APP_PURCHASE"  

You can use this object in the following APIs.

The Upload a new file API has been deprecated

The UploadFile API has been deprecated and replaced with the AssetUpload API. To upload creative assets, you must use the AssetUpload API going forward.