Get started with Moloco Cloud API

This page helps you get started with Moloco Cloud API.

Before you start

To make requests to Moloco Cloud API, you need to be signed in as a Moloco Cloud user. If you don't already have an account with us, please reach out to a Moloco representative to sign up for one. Moloco will create your account and assign it to a workplace, where you can manage everything related to creating, launching, and analyzing campaigns.

After your account has been created, you should receive an email to reset your password. You must click the link in the email and reset your password to be able to access your account.

Note: You must be using Transport Layer Security (TLS) ver. 1.2 or later to be able to use our services. If you need help setting up or upgrading to TLS ver. 1.2 or later, reach out to your Moloco representative.

Get an access token

To be able to make requests to Moloco Cloud API, you must have a Moloco-issued access token. To get an access token, you must make a POST API request with your Moloco account email address and password.

The following example shows you how you can use your command-line interface to make a POST API request to get an access token from Moloco. For workplace_id, copy over the workplace ID for the workplace your account has been assigned to. For email, enter your Moloco account email address. For password, enter your Moloco account password. To learn more about the process, see Create a new token.

$ curl -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  -d '{"workplace_id":"$WORKPLACE_ID","email":"$EMAIL","password":"$PASSWORD"}' \


As in the example, the response includes your access token, which is the value of the token property. You must include your access token in the Authorization header like the following when making requests to Moloco Cloud API.

Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN

Note: Your API requests are rejected in the event that you have failed to include an access token, included the incorrect token, or your token has expired. An access token is valid for an hour, and you must periodically refresh the token before it expires. For more information, see Refresh the existing token.

What’s Next