This page will help you get started with Moloco Ads API.


For the successful integration with the Moloco Ads API, you should familiar yourself with the key concepts such as Workplace, Ad Account, Campaign, etc. In below, you can find the definitions of such concepts.

Ad AccountAccount assigned to a person or organization that promotes products with advertising 'campaigns'.
CampaignAn act to advertise a product. It as a Goal, a creative group, a product to promote, charging related details, targeting information.
ProductSomething that needs to be advertised, such as an App or Web.
CreativeSomething that should be rendered in the advertisement slot.
Creative GroupGroup of Creatives. The creatives belong to the same group is logically equivalent, but with different representations.
WorkplaceA Group of Ad Accounts. Conceptually this maps to an Organization that is doing business on Moloco Ads.

Sometimes you may need to refer to the Moloco Help Center. Terms used in Developer Portal and the Help Center could be slightly different. Below are the terms used differently between those two platforms.

Developer PortalHelp CenterDescription
ProductAppSomething that needs to be advertised, such as an Mobile App or Web App.
Customer SetUser ListsA group of user identifiers used in the CSV format. This can be used to target particular users.